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Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre – Organic Infant Formula


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Short description

Holle Goat Milk Formula Stage Pre is a high-quality, organic formula for infants from birth. Made with the best organic ingredients, including goat’s milk, this formula is easy to digest and helps support natural development. It contains probiotics for a healthy gut flora and is free from additives and artificial ingredients. Holle Goat Milk Formula Stage Pre is suitable for vegans and is made with milk from goats raised on biodynamic farms, following ethical and sustainable practices. This formula is a great choice for parents looking for a natural and organic alternative to standard formula for their newborns.


Contains: Lactose, Milk and milk derivatives

Nutritional facts

Nutrients per 100 ml

Energy kj 281.86 kJ
Energy kcal 67.32 g
Fat 3.5 g
of which Saturated fatty acids 1.3 g
of which Polyunsaturated fatty acids 0.6 g
of which Monosaturated fatty acids 1.7 g
of which Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 14 mg
of which Linoleic acid 515 mg
of which Alpha Linolenic acid 54 mg
Carbohydrates 7.54 g
of which Lactose / Milk Sugar 7.54 g
of which Sugar 7.54 g
Protein 1.37 g
Vitamin A 63.36 µg (0 % **)
Vitamin D 1.45 µg (0 % **)
Vitamin E 1.25 mg (0 % **)
Vitamin C 12.54 mg (0 % **)
Vitamin K 5.2 µg (0 % **)
Pantothenic acid 0.34 mg (0 % **)
Thiamine 0.06 mg (0 % **)
Riboflavin 0.11 mg (0 % **)
Niacin 0.38 mg (0 % **)
Vitamin B6 0.04 mg (0 % **)
Folic acid 12.54 µg (0 % **)
Vitamin B12 0.16 µg (0 % **)
Biotin 2.11 µg (0 % **)
Potassium 77.88 mg (0 % **)
Calcium 61.38 mg (0 % **)
Phosphorus 42.11 mg (0 % **)
Magnesium 6.2 mg (0 % **)
Iron 0.7 mg (0 % **)
Zinc 0.46 mg (0 % **)
Copper 0.05 mg (0 % **)
Manganese 0.01 mg (0 % **)
Fluorine 0.01 mg (0 % **)
Selenium 2.51 µg (0 % **)
Iodine 13.2 µg (0 % **)
Sodium 19.8 mg (0 % **)
Further information
Inositol 3.6 mg (0 % **)
Chloride 21 mg (0 % **)
Arachidonic acid (ARA)* 6.9 mg (0 % **)
L-Carnitine* 1 mg (0 % **)

** Percent of the reference amount for daily intake


Exact product designation:

Organic infant formula

Whole Goat Milk Powder*¹ 38.6%, Lactose*, Vegetable Oils* (Sunflower Oil*, Rapeseed Oil*), L-Choline, Calcium Hydroxide, Algae Oil², L-Cystine, Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Chloride, Vitamin C, L-Tryptophan, L-Tyrosine, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Oil From Mortierella Alpina, Ferrous Lactate, Inositol, Vitamin E, Zinc Sulfate, L-Carnitine, Niacin, Pantothenic Acid, Copper Sulfate, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B2, Manganese Sulfate, Potassium Iodide, Vitamin K, Sodium Selenite, Vitamin D3, Biotin, Vitamin B12

* from organic farming
** Demeter (from biodynamic farming)
¹ 100g of powdered infant milk is made from 284ml of whole milk
² contains DHA (required by law for infant formula)

Please note the information on allergens.

Information about the manufacturer

Holle baby food AG
Lörracherstraße 50, CH-4125 Riehen

Important Note

Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby, because breast milk provides your child with all the essential nutrients it needs for growth and development. Please consult your pediatrician if your child requires supplemental feeding.

Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre - Organic Infant Formula
Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre – Organic Infant Formula

Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre – For Newborn Babies

Are you looking for the best goat milk-based organic infant formula for your newborn? Presenting the Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula. This organic infant formula is packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, and energy that provide maximum nutrition to your baby. The Holle infant formula is perfect for babies allergic to cow milk. It contains 100% pure goat milk that helps your baby grow happy and healthy. The Demeter-certified goat milk ensures that your newborn gets all the right nutrition in a single formula. If your baby shows distaste for cow milk, or has an allergy to it, give them goat milk-based formula. 

Holle has been a proud manufacturer of organic infant formulas since 1923. It has acquired Demeter certification, which is the highest and best certification complying with stringent European standards. If you are thinking about how this compliance would benefit your baby, then you must know that Demeter-certified infant formulas are free of hormones, artificial sweeteners, steroids, and colours. They contain fewer organic ingredients added, according to each age group. Also, they are free of any allergic or harmful ingredients that could impact your baby’s health.

By giving your baby Demeter-certified formulas, you are ensuring your baby grows up healthy and smart. Holle undergoes biodynamic farming, which subjects goats to humane treatment, and maintains the highest animal welfare standards. So, if you want the best nutrition for your newborn, then give it Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula.

Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre – Feed The Best Formula

Newborns bring in so much joy to new parents. It is essential to give them the best food that would sustain their growth. Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula is specifically designed for newborn babies.
  • Made with Demeter-certified goat milk.
  • Easy on the stomach, preventing bloating.
  • Premium quality organic infant formula
  • GMO, soy, and gluten-free formula.
  • Milk is sourced from healthy goats.
  • Contains various nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Promotes overall physical and mental growth.
  • Does not lead to allergies or reactions.
  • Stimulates bone development.
  • No artificial colours, sweeteners, or dyes.
  • Contains organic lactose.

Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre – The Most Natural Organic Infant Formula

Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula is the most natural and safe organic infant formula. You do not need to be concerned or feel hesitant before feeding Holle infant formula to your baby, as it complies with strict European measures. There are major differences between European and American brands when it comes to nutrition. European brands such as Holle, contain a short list of organic ingredients, because abies should intake fewer ingredients that they can digest. These ingredients are added after extensive analysis and research, and they are age-appropriate that are suitable for particular age groups. 

Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula is specially formulated with A2 goat protein. The milk is suitable for babies who cannot digest cow milk, and show reluctance towards breast milk. Goat milk offers better digestion and nutrient absorption. It is vital to note that Holle does not encourage switching altogether to infant formulas. If your baby is taking breast milk, then you must continue doing so, as mother’s milk is the best. The infant formulas should only be given in situations where babies are not able to take breast milk, or the mothers prefer to stop breastfeeding.

Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula is made with premium-quality organic milk that can substitute breast milk. It contains big amounts of lactose that are also found in breast milk. Babies easily switch to the Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula as it tastes similar to breast milk, and also has the same consistency.

Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre – For A Healthy Start In Life

Your baby means a lot to you, so naturally you want what is best for them. Therefore, you must ensure that it gets access to the right nutrition. The Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula is packed with the right and the best nutrients that deliver instant energy and vitality to your baby. Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula is manufactured and packaged in Germany under strict measures. The formulas are made with supreme quality and organic ingredients that are free of artificial colours, dyes, and synthetic flavours. This European organic infant formula is also GMO, gluten, and soy-free. The European Demeter certification allows infant formulas to contain fewer ingredients that aid in digestion, and encourage nourishment in newborns. These qualities make the Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula an excellent choice for newborns with sensitive tummies or allergies. The Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula is easy to digest due to the presence of prebiotics and probiotics. These nutrients help promote healthy gut flora. The goat milk-based organic infant formula is also gluten and soy-free, making it ideal for newborn babies. The Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula is a GMO-free formula that ensures that your baby consumes the best ingredients and gets adequate nutrition. Moreover, the goat milk-based formula is packed with essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and omega-fatty acids, which are all crucial for your newborn baby’s development. One of the benefits of using Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula is that it can help minimise the risk of your infant developing allergies. Choose Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula and give your newborn baby the best start in life. Furthermore, many common infant formulas contain vegetable oil as a source of fat, which is not good for your newborn baby’s stomach. Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula is the first organic infant formula in the world that contains Demeter milk fat. The combination of Demeter milk and plant fat provides optimal fat for your newborn while being safe on its tummy.

Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre – Clean Ingredients And Naturally Produced Milk

Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula is free of preservatives and contains only organic ingredients. The formula is also free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), artificial colours, or synthetic flavours. The goat milk formula is nutritionally balanced with added vitamins A, C, and E to support your baby’s immune function as well as healthy growth. If you are looking for nutritious infant formula, then the Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula is a great option. Your newborn baby will love the taste of the infant formula as it will get all of the essential nutrients it needs to grow healthily.

The ingredients used in Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula are:

  • Organic Demeter goat milk and skimmed milk powder that supplies innumerable amounts of calcium, iron, and vitamins A and D.
  • Organic vegetable oils (palm oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil) that leads to healthy growth of the body,
  • Whey protein concentrate,
  • Lactose that is found in breast milk,
  • Fish Oil which reduces inflammation,
  • Calcium Carbonate, and
  • Choline Bitartrate.

The formula also contains Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Vitamin C, Iron Lactate, Vitamin E, Zinc Sulfate, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Niacin, Copper Sulfate, Vitamin K, Folic Acid, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, Manganese Sulfate, Potassium, and Biotin.

Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre – Top-Notch Health Benefits

The organic infant formula provides various health benefits to your newborn, as it has been specially designed to include the best nutrients your baby deserves:

  • Is 100% gluten-free, sugar-free, and GMO-free.
  • Doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners or dyes.
  • Is made with Demeter organic goat milk, which is the highest European standard certification. Demeter farms utilise chemicals-free agricultural practices, a biodynamic farming approach, and indulge in environmental sustainability.
  • Complies with strict European health measures.
  • Contains a higher proportion of Demeter milk and fatty acids and a lower proportion of refined oils.
  • Is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients such as proteins, vitamins A, D, and E, and fatty acids such as DHA and ARA. Fatty acids are crucial to improving the cardiovascular system and building immunity in newborns.
  • Is made with premium quality Demeter milk sourced from healthy goats.
  • Is 100% chemical-free and contains probiotics that promote healthy digestion in newborn babies.
  • Supports healthy growth and development in babies.
  • Doesn’t contain hormones or steroids which affect the baby’s health.
  • Contains lactose that imitates breast milk and provides your baby with complete nourishment and health.
  • DHA and ARA essential fatty acids support cognitive development and improve brain health.
  • Boosts immunity with vitamins A, C, and E, zinc, and iron. 
  • Helps keep your newborn’s immune system fit and intact.
  • Is easy to digest due to the presence of prebiotics and probiotics that promote a healthy gut.
  • Has easy-to-prepare instructions and methods.
  • Contains 400 grams of powdered formula that creates 100 ounces of milk.
  • Is manufactured in Germany and packaged while adhering to stringent European standards.
  • Comprises 100% natural ingredients for babies from 0 to 6 months.
  • Contains Demeter milk, lactose, fish oil, organic sunflower oil, calcium carbonate, rapeseed oil, etc., all of which are 100% natural.

Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre – Humane Animal Treatment

Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula is quite different from other conventional infant formulas, as it is created on Demeter biodynamic farms. Demeter biodynamic farming is considered the best organic certification in Europe, due to the highest standards of animal welfare. Demeter farms undergo annual check-ups and adopt safe farming and rearing practices. Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula is a Demeter-certified formula, which means that it is made with milk from goats that graze on biodynamic farms.

The goat milk used in Holle formulas comes from goats that are not treated with hormones, or antibiotics. They are also fed a GMO-free diet. Holle’s biodynamic farming practices are some of the best in the world, and are committed to environmentally sustainable practices. Holle goat farms adhere to Demeter standards by grazing healthy goats on safe pastures and biodynamic fields. They also prevent animal cruelty by subjecting the goats to a safe and healthy milking processes.

Furthermore, Holle also engages in sustainable farming by producing the best quality goat milk for babies and protecting the environment simultaneously.

Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula – About Holle

If you have ever looked for the best goat milk organic infant formulas for your newborn, then you must have come across Holle. Holle’s infant formulas are designed to meet the needs of newborn babies, and their formulas contain no artificial additives, colours, or preservatives. Holle’s organic infant formulas are gluten and soy-free. They also do not contain guar gum and artificial sweeteners. So if you are looking for an organic infant formula that is of the best quality, then Holle is a great option to consider.

As one of the many companies using Demeter-certified ingredients and milk, Holle is committed to providing high-quality products for newborn babies. Their Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula is no exception, made with milk from grass-fed goats and containing no artificial flavours or preservatives. Holle has introduced Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula, which has become increasingly popular worldwide. Due to the small proportion of vegetable oils and a high proportion of Demeter goat milk, Holle organic infant formula substitutes for breast milk.

Holle is proud to produce the world’s most nutritious and best-quality organic infant formulas. The pioneer infant formula company has been engaging in sustainable practices for the past 85 years. It started as a small-scale company in the town of Switzerland, and has now become the biggest infant formula manufacturer in the world. As of 2022, Holle’s infant formulas are sustainable, CO2-free, and environmentally-friendly. Holle’s baby foods are made with high-quality and organically-sourced ingredients, and are sold in compliance with European standards. Holle has been nominated for the German Sustainability Awards 2023 due to its excellent efforts to maintain sustainable operations and safe farming practices. Make your newborn grow healthy and smart, with Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre-Organic Infant Formula.

Rating & Review: Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre - Organic Infant Formula

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  1. A Gentle Alternative with Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre
    Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre Organic Infant Formula has been a game-changer for my baby’s sensitive stomach. We were searching for a high-quality and gentle alternative to cow’s milk-based formulas, and Holle Goat Milk Stage Pre has exceeded our expectations. The organic ingredients are easy to digest, and my baby absolutely loves the taste. I’m grateful to have found this excellent formula that caters to my baby’s unique nutritional needs.

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