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Organic Baby Food Stage 2 – 6-10 month

Our Stage 2 formulas are best to use starting from 6 months. The follow-on milk formulas are designed for growing babies and contain nutrients for a healthy immunity, digestion and for a healthy brain development. Stage 2 Formulas can be used in addition to breast milk or to replace it.
It is ideal for bottle-feeding or prepared as a wholegrain porridge as part of a mixed diet.

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Holle Stage 2 – Organic Follow-On Formula

after the 6 month (600g)
$24.90 - $19.90

$41.50 / kg

This product exclusively contains organically grown ingredients. Holle Stage 2 is a very nutritious and well- balanced infant formula for babies after the 6th month.…

Holle Goat Milk Stage 2 – Organic Follow On Formula

after the 6 month (400g)
$26.90 - $20.90

$67.25 / kg

Holle Goat Milk Formula Stage 2 is a high-quality, organic formula for infants from 10 months. Made with the best organic ingredients, including goat's milk,…

Holle A2 Stage 2 – Organic Follow-On Formula

after 6 month (400g)
$25.90 - $19.90

$64.75 / kg

Holle A2 Organic Formula Stage 2 is a high-quality organic formula for infants from 6 months. It is made with the best organic ingredients, including…

12x Holle Organic fruit puree Banana Lama

Banana & Mango with Aprico

$24.92 / kg

Holle Organic Banana Lama pouch is made of finely puréed banana, apple, mango and apricot. This pouch contains 100 % fruits and vegetable in Demeter…

12x Holle Organic fruit puree Croco Coco

Apple & Mango with Coconut

$24.92 / kg

Holle Organic Croco Coco Pouch contains finely puréed apple, mango and coconut. The fruits and vegetables raw products stem from bio- dynamic agriculture with best…

12x Holle Organic fruit puree Berry Puppy

Apple & Peach with fruits of the forest

$24.92 / kg

Holle Organic Berry Puppy pouch contains 100 % fine fruit purée in Demeter quality: apple, peach and fruits of the forest. It is suitable for…

12x Holle Organic fruit puree Kiwi Koala

Pear & Banana with Kiwi

$24.92 / kg

Holle Kiwi Koala Organic Pouch is made with pear, banana and kiwi and does not contain any additives or added sugar. The ingredients are 100…

12x Holle Organic vegetable puree Fennel Frog

Pear & Apple with Fennel

$24.92 / kg

Holle Organic Fennel Frog Pouch is a fine purée made from organic pear, apple and fennel. This pouch contains 100 % fruits and vegetables in…

12x Holle Organic vegetable puree Carrot Cat

Carrot & Mango with Banana

$24.92 / kg

Holle Organic Carrot Cat pouch contains fine purée made from 100% fruits and vegetables in Demeter quality: carrot, mango, banana and pear. This…

12x Holle Organic fruit puree Red Bee

Apple with Strawberry

$24.92 / kg

Holle Organic Red Bee Fruit Purée is made of 100 % fruits in best Demeter quality. It contains apples and strawberries, without any additives or…

12x Holle Organic fruit puree Apple Ant

Apple & Banana with Pear

$24.92 / kg

Holle Organic Apple Ant contains a fine purée of 100 % fruits from high quality bio-dynamic agriculture: Apple, Banana & Pear. The resealable pouch can…

12x Holle Organic fruit puree Blue Bird

Pear, Apple & Blueberries with Oats

$24.92 / kg

Holle Organic Organic fruit puree Blue Bird contains a fine purée of 100 % fruits from high quality bio-dynamic agriculture: Pear, Apple & Blueberries with…

Stage 2 Follow-On Formula

Stage 2 formula is a follow-on formula that is carefully produced with components ideal for usage around the time your infant is ready to wean. It is designed to be used around the time when your little one is ready to transition from breastfeeding to solid foods. Follow-on formula should never be given to infants younger than six months old for this same reason.

The main difference between an infant formula and a stage 2 formula is that stage 2 formulations often include higher concentrations of iron and vitamin D. You’ll discover most of the same ingredients in both types of formulas. Some stage 2 formulations contain starch and/or maltodextrin as well, which helps to make the formula creamier and more satisfying to consume.

It is not usually necessary to transition your baby to a stage 2 formula; nonetheless, these formulas are frequently used as a baby food supplement for children who have difficulty remaining full after feeding their stage 1 formula. This is due, in part, to the fact that these types of infant formulae typically have higher energy levels, which infants may perceive to be more satiating.

What Are the Benefits of European Infant Formula Stage 2?

There are various benefits that your baby can derive from the use of stage 2 European infant formula. Here are some of the perks;

Provide nutrients for healthy growth and development

The provision of the basic nutrients infants require for normal growth and development is facilitated by the Europe Infant formula stage 2. This encompasses carbs, proteins, lipids, vitamins, and minerals. Iron, vital for preventing iron deficiency anemia, has been added to the formulation and improved.

Easy to digest and helps to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal problems

The digestion of Europe Infant Formula stage 2 is simple and thus facilitates a reduction in the likelihood of gastrointestinal issues. This is because it is created with partially hydrolyzed proteins, which are easier for a baby to digest than other proteins.

Promote a healthy immune system

The use of Europe Infant Formula Stage 2 aids in developing a robust immune system. This is because it includes prebiotics, which have a role in stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract.

Easily accepted by kids

Infant formula stage 2 in Europe is formulated to have a consistency that is more comparable to that of breast milk. This allows newborns to consume the formula more readily. This decreases the likelihood that it will induce stomach discomfort or other problems in the body.

Available in a convenient powder form

Powdered infant formula stage 2 is readily accessible throughout Europe in a form that is both convenient and straightforward to manufacture. This is helpful for parents who are constantly on the go and do not have the time to cook fresh meals for their infant child.

Stage 2 formula contains nutrients for a healthy immune system and digestion

Stage 2 formula can be served in the bottle or as a porridge.
The preparation is easy and instantly ready in a few minutes. Add boiled water to the milk powder and stir- ready!

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