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HiPP 2 Organic Combiotic – no Starch – Follow-on Formula

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HiPP 2 Organic Combiotic - no Starch - Follow-on Formula
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Short description

Hipp Organic Combiotic Stage 2 No Starch is a follow-on formula for babies over 6 months of age that is free of added starch. It is made with organic milk and contains prebiotics and probiotics to support gut health. The formula also includes Metafolin, a form of folic acid. It is easy to digest and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals. It may be easier to digest and help reduce constipation risk. Consult a healthcare professional before introducing a formula without added starch to your baby’s diet.


Contains: Fish and fish derivatives, Milk and milk derivatives

Nutritional facts

Nutrients per 100 ml

Energy kj 285 kj
Energy kcal 68 g
Fat 3.7 g
of which Saturated fatty acids 1.6 g
of which Polyunsaturated fatty acids < 0.5 g
of which Monosaturated fatty acids 1.6 g
of which Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 14 mg
of which Linoleic acid 420 mg
of which Alpha Linolenic acid 60 mg
Carbohydrates 7.2 g
of which Lactose / Milk Sugar 7 g
of which Sugar 7.2 g
Fiber 0.4 g
of which Galactooligosaccharides (GOS) 0.4 g
Protein 1.3 g
Salt 0 g
Vitamin A 56 µg (0 % **)
Vitamin D 1.6 µg (0 % **)
Vitamin E 0.8 mg (0 % **)
Vitamin C 10 mg (0 % **)
Vitamin K 3.9 µg (0 % **)
Pantothenic acid 0.35 mg (0 % **)
Thiamine 0.051 mg (0 % **)
Riboflavin 0.14 mg (0 % **)
Niacin 0.53 mg (0 % **)
Vitamin B6 0.042 mg (0 % **)
Folic acid 11.3 µg (0 % **)
Vitamin B12 0.1 µg (0 % **)
Biotin 1.6 µg (0 % **)
Potassium 88 mg (0 % **)
Calcium 77 mg (0 % **)
Phosphorus 44 mg (0 % **)
Magnesium 6.3 mg (0 % **)
Iron 1 mg (0 % **)
Zinc 0.5 mg (0 % **)
Copper 0.054 mg (0 % **)
Manganese 0.007 mg (0 % **)
Fluorine 0.01 mg (0 % **)
Selenium 3.9 µg (0 % **)
Iodine 15 µg (0 % **)
Sodium 20 mg (0 % **)
Further information
Chloride 52 mg (0 % **)

** Percent of the reference amount for daily intake


Exact product designation:

Organic follow-on formula

Skim Milk*, Lactose*, Vegetable Oils* (Palm Oil**, Rapeseed Oil*, Sunflower Oil*), Whey Product*, Galactooligosaccharides* From Lactose*, Fish Oil¹), Calcium Chloride, Potassium Citrate, Calcium Orthophosphates, Calcium Carbonate, L-Tyrosine L-Tryptophan, Sodium Citrate, Magnesium Carbonate, Vitamin C, Ferrous Sulfate, Stabilizer Lactic Acid, L-Cystine, Niacin, Zinc Oxide, Natural Lactic Acid Culture (Lactobacillus Fermentum Hereditum®²), Vitamin E, Pantothenic Acid, Copper Sulfate, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Potassium Iodate, Metafolin (Calcium L-Methylfolate), Sodium Selenate, Manganese Sulfate, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Biotin

* From organic production
** Organic palm oil from sustainable cultivation certified by independent inspection bodies
¹ Contains DHA (required by law for infant formula)
² Lactobacillus fermentum CECT5716

Please note the information on allergens.

Information about the manufacturer

HiPP GmbH & Co. Vertrieb KG
D-85273 Pfaffenhofen

Important Note

Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby, because breast milk provides your child with all the essential nutrients it needs for growth and development. Please consult your pediatrician if your child requires supplemental feeding.

HiPP 2 Organic Combiotic - no Starch - Follow-on Formula
HiPP 2 Organic Combiotic – no Starch – Follow-on Formula

HiPP Combiotic Stage 2 (no Starch) – Naturally supporting your baby’s digestion

If you are looking for a much healthier option for your baby, give it HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula. It is a new and improved version of the standard HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 Follow-On Formula, as it is completely free of starch. The German organic formula contains Metafolin, which is crucial for a baby’s neural development. It conforms to EU Baby Formula Directive, which has been in effect since 2020. The starch-free formula can be recognized with the word BIO mentioned on top of COMBIOTIC on the package. Besides packaging, HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula has slight differences in nutrient composition and is much more soluble than the standard HiPP formulas.

HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula is suitable for babies aged six months and above. It contains essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins necessary for babies aged six to ten months. The formula can be given as bottled milk or mixed with solid foods. It is ideal for babies who cannot take breast milk. The nutritionally enriching formula comprises lactic acid cultures derived from breast milk that impart prebiotics and probiotics to babies, making it easier for babies to digest the formula. The German organic formula is 100% GMO, gluten, soy, and fertilizer free, allowing you to give your babies the healthiest and most natural nutrition.

Moreover, HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula is completely free of allergens such as peanuts, gluten, eggs, etc. It does not cause any allergic reactions and is ideal for sensitive babies.

HiPP Combiotic Stage 2 (no Starch) – Now With Metafolin

HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula contains Metafolin, which has immense health benefits for babies. It is crucial to understand why the inclusion of Metafolin is vital for babies. Folate is responsible for babies’ DNA/RNA synthesis and neural and brain development. Folate is usually available as folic acid, which is its synthetic version. Folic acid is not as effective in imparting health benefits as folate. Metafolin, on the other hand, is a natural form of folate present in breast milk. It is readily absorbed and digested by babies and effectively provides health benefits to babies. That is why HiPP designs infant formulas to contain ample amounts of Metafolin, as it is a wonderful compound for babies. Choose HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula for your baby and watch it grow healthy and happy.

HiPP Combiotic Stage 2 (no Starch) – Feed The Best Formula

HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula offers exciting health benefits to babies worldwide.

  • Adheres to the highest European Union standards.
  • Made with EU-certified cow milk.
  • Completely free of starch.
  • Contains Metafolin to prevent folate deficiency 
  • Contains age-appropriate nutrients.
  • Offers better solubility and preparation.
  • GMOs, soy, guar, gluten, and hormone-free formula.
  • Contains lactose as a natural sweetener.
  • No artificial additives such as colors, preservatives, or dyes.
  • Made and packaged in Germany.
  • Animal and soil cruelty-free formula.
  • Chemicals-free manufacturing and fertilization. 

HiPP Combiotic Stage 2 (no Starch) – The Most Natural Organic Infant Formula

HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula is made to replicate breast milk. It is suitable for babies who cannot take breast milk for unforeseen reasons. HiPP’s organic infant formula contains the same amount of nutrients and minerals as breast milk and is readily accepted by babies. It has a similar texture, consistency, and taste to breast milk, making it a great choice for sensitive babies. However, it is crucial to note that HiPP considers breast milk the best source of nutrition. It does not, under any situation, encourage switching altogether to infant formulas. The infant formulas must be given to the baby after thorough consultation with a pediatrician.

HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula is suitable for babies with intolerance towards breast milk. Most commercial infant formulas contain soy proteins, guar gum, added carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. While many babies do fine on this formula, some sensitive babies may have trouble digesting the formula or may be allergic to soy, guar gum, or gluten. For these babies, specialized hypoallergenic formulas are available such as HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula, which contains hydrolyzed proteins, limited ingredients, and no allergens. The formula is also free of starch, making it easier for your baby to digest. No matter what type of infant formula you choose for your baby, consult your pediatrician to find the best option for your baby, which is HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula.

HiPP Combiotic Stage 2 (no Starch) – Clean Ingredients And Naturally Produced Milk

HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula contains all the nutrients your baby needs, including prebiotics and probiotics for healthy gut flora. HiPP Combiotic Stage 2 formula is easy to digest and helps to reduce the risk of allergies. The hypoallergenic formula is also a great source of calcium and vitamin D for strong bones and teeth. Using HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula is an ideal way to ensure that your baby gets all the essential nutrients and vitamins for healthy development and growth.

HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula is enriched with vitamins and minerals, including sodium chloride, carbonate, biotin, etc., which are essential for healthy development. Vitamins C and E are necessary for boosting the immune system and improving skin health. Biotin is found in breast milk and helps promote brain development. The essential fatty acids DHA (Omega-3) and ARA (Omega-6) support cognitive development and visual acuity. Metafolin prevents folate deficiency, and the prebiotics/probiotics promote healthy gut flora. The nourishing formula is free of starch, making it a much healthier option for babies.

The other ingredients added in HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula, including fish oil, niacin, zinc sulfate, magnesium chloride, Metafolin, pantothenic acid, etc., are added after extensive research. These ingredients improve babies’ health and make them grow healthy and strong. As a result, HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula is a nutritious and delicious way to ensure your baby gets the best start.

HiPP Combiotic Stage 2 (no Starch) – For A Healthy Start In Life

HiPP, the most popular and trusted European infant formula brand, has introduced HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula worldwide. The demand for hypoallergenic formulas has increased significantly due to the need for allergic and sensitive babies. For that purpose, HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula has been introduced for babies from up to six months and above. The special formula contains age-appropriate ingredients and is completely free of allergens such as soy, guar gum, gluten, eggs, peanuts, etc.

HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula contains higher essential fatty acids such as DHA, ARA, and ALA, making it more nutritious and healthy for growing babies. HiPP’s organic formulas are GMO-free and do not contain artificial preservatives. They are also packaged in eco-friendly containers that can be recycled or reused. HiPP’s commitment to top quality and sustainability makes their organic infant formulas ideal for conscious parents sensitive to their babies’ health. HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula is made with premium cow milk sourced from sustainable EU-certified farms. HiPP’s workers follow the strictest standards for animal welfare, resulting in a formula that is not only easy on your baby’s tummy, but also kind to animals. In addition, the starch-free formula is made with organic ingredients designed to nourish your baby’s growing body.

HiPP Combiotic Stage 2 (no Starch) – Top-Notch Health Benefits

HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula offers various health benefits to your growing baby and makes it feel happy and healthy. Some of the benefits of using HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula include:

  • Essential fatty acids such as DHA and ARA promote healthy growth and development.
  • Metafolin prevents folate deficiency. It also promotes neural development.
  • Vitamin C improves the immune system and skin.
  • Prevents bloating and digestive issues.
  • Makes your baby free of digestive problems because it has no starch in it.
  • Offers rapid nutrient absorption, which improves your baby’s health.
  • Vegetable oils help supercharge babies’ growth.
  • EU-certified milk provides maximum nutrition.
  • Prebiotics and probiotics aid in healthy gut flora.
  • Reduces the risk of allergies.
  • Biotin, naturally found in breast milk, promotes brain development.

HiPP Combiotic Stage 2 (no Starch) – Comparison Of US Formula And European Formula

Learning about the differences between European and American brands is vital to better understand their composition and health benefits. The first difference lies in sweeteners. European brands add lactose as a primary carbohydrate and natural sweetener since it is found in breast milk. Also, the European Union Commission requires that infant formulas contain at least 30% lactose as a primary source of carbohydrates. The commission also allows other carbohydrates such as maltodextrin, glucose, glucose syrup, and maltose. Another thing to note is that sucrose can only be added to those formulas that contain hydrolyzed proteins. Sucrose should make up 20% of total carbohydrates. Furthermore, these carbohydrates must be derived from gluten-free sources. American brands, on the other hand, have no such regulation. They add sucrose and corn syrup which are not suitable for babies. 

The second difference is in the composition of the ingredients in European and American brands. European brands add limited ingredients in the formulas, whereas American brands add limitless ingredients. At the same time, it may seem that American brands are better as they contain more ingredients, but it is not true. European brands only add ingredients suitable for a particular age group. They avoid adding ingredients that may impact a baby’s health, such as guar gum, soy, etc., that are harmful to newborns. Such a scenario is not seen in American brands, as they contain endless ingredients regardless of age group. 

 The third difference is in the fatty acid composition. Due to their innumerable health benefits, European formulas must contain DHA and ARA fatty acids. American brands consider these fatty acids a voluntary choice. The European brands also add prebiotics, such as Lactobacillus found in breast milk. American brands do not add these prebiotics and probiotics. 

The fourth difference is in the iron composition. The European brands add a minimum of 0.2 mg of iron in formulas, whereas American brands add at least 1 mg of iron. This is not good for babies as higher iron composition leads to neurodevelopment effects later in life. Moreover, European brands also have separate goat milk formulas for babies. American brands do not have goat milk formulas.

This shows that European infant formulas are far better than American formulas. Hence, choose HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch)-Follow-On Formula for your newborn, and witness a visible improvement in their health.

HiPP Combiotic Stage 2 (no Starch) – Easy Preparation

You do not need to hassle or spend hours creating milk while your baby is demanding milk urgently. With HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula, you can prepare full-fledged milk within seconds. The formula is ideal to use as bottled milk or porridge. All you need to do is pour boiled water into the feeding bottle and the appropriate amount of scoops of HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula into the water, as mentioned on the feeding chart. You can put the milk in the refrigerator to reduce the temperature quickly or keep it under cold running water. HiPP deeply cares about babies as it puts a strong emphasis on maintaining hygiene and safety. It recommends, you always use boiled water to prepare the milk. Also, the water must be boiled, not heated in the microwave, as it may cause overheating and hot spots to appear.

It is important to sterilize all the equipment used to prepare and feed the formula. You should also discard any unused prepared formula after 24 hours. HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) – Follow-On Formula is a nutritious and delicious way to continue feeding your baby cow milk after they have been weaned from its mother. Parents should also wash their hands before picking up the baby’s utensils. The utensils should also be washed after feeding, and they must be clean of any residue.

HiPP Combiotic Stage 2 (no Starch) – Humane Animal Treatment

As a leading provider of organic baby food worldwide, HiPP is committed to the highest animal welfare and treatment standards. HiPP’s products are made with cows grazing on certified organic pastures and are fed a 100% organic diet. The cows are free to roam and express their natural behaviors and are never given growth hormones or routine antibiotics. They are passed through safe milking practices and are not subject to cruelty. The cows are milked using secure methods, and the milk is immediately transported to the HiPP factory, where it is made into baby formula. 

This ensures that the milk retains all of its natural goodness and nutrients, providing babies with nutritious food. All of the ingredients used in HiPP organic infant formulas are sourced from pesticide and herbicide-free soil. The soil is given natural compost and manure to sustain its originality. The high animal welfare and treatment standards at HiPP are just one of the many reasons parents can trust the quality of HiPP products. With HiPP, you can be sure you are giving your baby the best.

HiPP Combiotic Stage 2 (no Starch) – About HiPP

HiPP is one of the most trusted names in organic baby formulas. The company has been around for over 100 years and has a reputation for making high-quality and nutritionally enriching products. HiPP was founded by Claus Hipp, a baker who solved his twins’ feeding issues by combining rusk flour with milk. He gradually started his organic farms with one goal: providing healthy and organic nutrition to babies.

HiPP is loved by parents worldwide due to its authentic and nutritious baby foods and organic infant formulas. With more than 100 years of experience, HiPP is a proud brand of sustainability and authenticity. 

Rating & Review: HiPP 2 Organic Combiotic - no Starch - Follow-on Formula

Based on 10 Reviews
  1. Perfect Formula for My Son
    My son adores this formula, and I’m relieved he’s taking to it so well, especially given its organic ingredients. It’s been wonderful seeing him so happy.

  2. The Best Organic Formula
    My baby loves it. We’ll definitely be purchasing more.

  3. A Blessing for My Baby
    It’s a fantastic formula. My baby transitioned smoothly from breast milk to this, and it’s clearly the best choice we’ve made.

  4. Quick Solution for My Son
    This formula has been a game-changer for my son, who didn’t do well with generic brands. Plus, it arrived surprisingly fast after ordering!

  5. Happy baby, happy mom
    Switched to HiPP Stage 2 and it’s been a game-changer. My baby loves it, and it’s been easy on her digestion. I’m glad I found a formula that suits her needs so well.

  6. Great choice for sensitive tummies
    I chose HiPP Stage 2 on my pediatrician’s advice. My baby’s been doing so much better since the switch. He’s more active and seems to enjoy his meals more.

  7. Gentle and effective
    My friend recommended HiPP Stage 2 (No Starch) for my baby as we were having some digestion issues. It’s been a great help. She’s been much happier and no more tummy troubles. Plus, I’m reassured it’s good for her health.

  8. Healthy Choice for My Baby
    Switching to this no-starch formula has been great for my baby. I’m glad it’s packed with essential nutrients and the Metafolin addition is a big plus for healthy development.

  9. 5 Stars!
    It’s easy to digest and my baby is much happier since the switch.

  10. A Customized Choice: HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch)
    HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) Follow-On Formula has been an excellent option for my growing baby’s specific nutritional needs. With high-quality organic ingredients, a well-balanced nutrient profile, and added prebiotics and probiotics, this formula provides exceptional support for my little one’s growth and digestive health, minus the starch. My baby has adjusted well to this customized formula, and I’ve noticed improvements in overall well-being. I highly recommend HiPP German Organic Combiotic Stage 2 (No Starch) for parents seeking a tailored follow-on formula that focuses on their baby’s health and comfort.

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