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Holle A2 Stage 3 – Organic Follow-On Formula


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Short description

Holle A2 Organic Formula Stage 3 is a high-quality, organic formula for toddlers from 1 year. It is made with the best organic ingredients, including A2 protein, which is a type of protein found in cow’s milk that is believed to be easier to digest than other types of protein. This formula is easy to digest and helps support natural development. Holle A2 Organic Formula Stage 3 is a natural alternative to standard formula and is particularly suitable for toddlers with sensitivity to other types of protein. It contains probiotics for a healthy gut flora and is free from additives and artificial ingredients. Holle A2 Organic Formula Stage 3 is suitable for vegans and is made with milk from cows raised on biodynamic farms, following ethical and sustainable practices. This formula is a great choice for parents looking for a natural and organic alternative to standard formula for their growing toddlers.


Contains: Fish and fish derivatives, Milk and milk derivatives

Nutritional facts

Nutrients per 100 ml

Energy kj 276.33 kj
Energy kcal 66 g
Fat 3.2 g
of which Saturated fatty acids 0.9 g
of which Polyunsaturated fatty acids 0.6 g
of which Monosaturated fatty acids 1.7 g
of which Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 15 mg
of which Linoleic acid 488 mg
of which Alpha Linolenic acid 491 mg
Carbohydrates 7.92 g
of which Lactose / Milk Sugar 4.9 g
of which Sugar 5 g
Protein 1.35 g
Salt 0 g
Vitamin A 46.86 µg (0 % **)
Vitamin D 1.58 µg (0 % **)
Vitamin E 1.11 mg (0 % **)
Vitamin C 14.52 mg (0 % **)
Vitamin K 5.3 µg (0 % **)
Pantothenic acid 0.54 mg (0 % **)
Thiamine 0.09 mg (0 % **)
Riboflavin 0.15 mg (0 % **)
Niacin 0.49 mg (0 % **)
Vitamin B6 0.07 mg (0 % **)
Folic acid 13.99 µg (0 % **)
Vitamin B12 0.16 µg (0 % **)
Biotin 1.15 µg (0 % **)
Potassium 67.85 mg (0 % **)
Calcium 50.42 mg (0 % **)
Phosphorus 33.79 mg (0 % **)
Magnesium 6.47 mg (0 % **)
Iron 0.9 mg (0 % **)
Zinc 0.42 mg (0 % **)
Copper 0.05 mg (0 % **)
Manganese 0.01 mg (0 % **)
Fluorine 0.01 mg (0 % **)
Iodine 14.39 µg (0 % **)
Sodium 19.54 mg (0 % **)
Further information
Chloride 47 mg (0 % **)

** Percent of the reference amount for daily intake


Exact product designation:

Organic follow-on formula

Entrahmte A2-MILCH*¹, MOLKENERZEUGNIS* (teilentmineralisiertes MOLKENPULVER*), pflanzliche Öle* (Palmöl*4, Rapsöl*, Sonnenblumenöl*), Maltodextrin*, Stärke*, L-Tyrosin, Kaliumchlorid, FISCHÖL², Öl aus Mortierella Alpina³, Calciumchlorid, Magnesiumchlorid, Calciumcarbonat, Calciumhydroxid, L-Tryptophan, Natriumchlorid, Eisenlactat, Vitamin C, Zinksulfat, Kupfersulfat, Vitamin E, Niacin, Pantothensäure, Vitamin B1, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Mangansulfat, Kaliumjodat, Folsäure, Natriumselenat, Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Biotin, Vitamin B12

* from organic farming
** contains milk** contains milk
¹ 100 g infant formula powder are made from 200 ml skimmed milk
² from sustainable farming
³ contains DHA (required by law for follow-on formula)

Please note the information on allergens.

Preparation and Feeding Guide

Feeding Chart:
10+ m. 150ml
(5 oz)
5 170ml
(5.7 oz)
1-2 About 2.5
(6 oz)
6 200ml
(6.8 oz)
About 3
(7.1 oz)
7 230ml
(7.8 oz)
About 3.5

*The indicated drinking quantities and meals per day are only guidelines. Individual small deviations are harmless and completely natural.

Preparation Instructions:
  1. Sterilizing and Preparing:
    Begin by thoroughly washing your hands and sterilizing all utensils, as well as your work area. To ensure that all potential bacteria in the water are eliminated, bring a liter of water to a boil and then allow it to cool down to about 50°C (122°F) for up to 30 minutes.
  2. Mixing:
    Pour half of the water into the bottle (refer to the Feeding Chart above for the exact quantity). Measure the powder according to the specified amount on the table and add it to the bottle. To do this, loosely fill the measuring spoon and level it off with the back of a knife. Shake the powder and half the amount of water vigorously to ensure a thorough mix. Then, add the remaining water and shake well again.
  3. Temperature Control:
    The baby food is ready for consumption once it reaches a safe drinking temperature, approximately 37°C (~98°F). If necessary, you can let the food cool in the refrigerator to reach this temperature. Always check the temperature of the food on your forearm to make sure it's not too hot before feeding. Use the freshly prepared food immediately after preparation.

Information about the manufacturer

Holle baby food AG
Lörracherstraße 50, CH-4125 Riehen

Important Note

Breastfeeding is the best nutrition for your baby, because breast milk provides your child with all the essential nutrients it needs for growth and development. Please consult your pediatrician if your child requires supplemental feeding.

Holle A2 Stage 3 – Organic Follow-On Formula
Holle A2 Stage 3 – Organic Follow-On Formula

Discover The New Holle A2 Organic Follow-On Formula – Stage 3

Holle A2 Stage 3-Organic Follow-On Formula is the most nutritious and energizing infant formula for babies from 10 months and above. The formula is specially crafted with A2 milk that aids in rapid digestion and is suitable for babies with lactose intolerance. With Holle A2 Stage 3-Formula, your child will never experience bloating and tummy issues again. Holle considers babies’ health to be the priority. Hence, it derives milk from cows that naturally produce A2 milk.

Holle A2 Stage 3-Organic Follow-On Formula contains naturally sourced and organic ingredients that have been added to the formula after extensive research. They have been known to uplift your child’s health and help them grow fit and healthy. The best aspect of Holle A2 Stage 3-Organic Follow-On Formula is that it is completely free of GMOs, steroids, hormones, and artificial additives. This makes Holle A2 Stage 3 Formula the ideal choice for your baby.

Holle A2 Stage 3-Organic Follow-On Formula is made for babies that cannot take breast milk or digest normal cow milk. It contains special ingredients and nutritionally-enriching minerals that aid in rapid digestion. Before giving organic infant formula such as Holle A2 Stage 3-Organic Follow-On Formula to a baby, it is essential to consult with a pediatrician. Holle does not encourage switching altogether to organic infant formulas under normal circumstances, as breast milk is still the best source of milk for your baby.

Holle A2 Stage 3 – Feed The Best Formula

Holle A2 Stage 3 – Organic Follow-On Formula offers your baby excellent health benefits and instant nutrition.

  • It is made with natural A2 milk.
  • Ideal for babies from 10 months and onwards.
  • Nutritionally complete organic formula
  • 100% FREE of GMOs, steroids, and hormones formul
  • Offers rapid digestion.
  • Replicates breast milk.
  • Easy to prepare formula.
  • Contains essential fatty acids.
  • Is made with locally sourced organic ingredients.

Holle A2 Stage 3– For A Healthy Start In Life

Holle A2 Stage 3-Organic Follow-On Formula provides a healthy start to babies’ health journey. When babies reach 10 months, they need ample nutrition to sustain their walking stage. Considering this element, Holle A2 Stage 3-Organic Follow-On Formula contains the right mix of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that aid in healthy growth and development. This has been made possible with Demeter certification, which only allows specific ingredients to be added to organic infant formulas. The ingredients for the formula are derived from organic, pesticide, and herbicide-free soil, allowing the nutrients to be free of any chemical impurities. This gives the babies access to first-hand and authentic nutrition. The A2 milk is derived from cows that are bred on natural grass and fed a natural diet. They are not given any hormonal treatments and are kept in their natural habitat. This makes them produce 100% natural and organic milk, which is given to babies as it is.

Talking about the ingredients, in the formula are vitamins A, D, C, B6, B1, and B12, calcium, iron, biotin, maltodextrin, lactose, and essential fatty acids. Maltodextrin helps impart creamy and thick consistency to the formula, which makes your baby feel full for a long time. Lactose is a natural sweetener found in breast milk, making the formula taste similar to breast milk. This helps the babies accept the organic infant formula easily. Calcium and vitamin D strengthens bone and teeth development. Vitamin A prevents blindness in babies under five years. Vitamin C boosts immunity and improves the skin barrier. Vitamin B1 aids in muscle development. Vitamin B12 prevents iron deficiency and anemia in babies. Vitamin B6 promotes healthy nervous system development. The essential fatty acid DHA promotes visual acuity and brain development. Biotin converts fats and proteins into energy and is naturally found in breast milk.

Holle A2 Stage 3 – Back To The Origin

Before delving deep into the various health benefits of Holle A2 Stage 3-Organic Follow-On Formula, it is vital to understand how the A2 milk formula helps babies with digestion issues. Milk is made up of proteins and amino acids. The major protein is casein which further comprises beta-casein. A1 and A2 are two beta-caseins that differ slightly from the structural element. Research has found that A2 beta-casein is much more effective than A1 beta-casein in promoting rapid digestion. Many years ago, almost every cow produced A2 milk, but with genetic mutation, cows now produce A1 milk. This is alarming, as only 30% of the cows in the world produce A2 milk nowadays. You do not need to worry about that statistic as Holle A2 Stage 3-Organic Follow-On Formula derives milk from A2-producing cows. Holle achieves this by DNA-testing every cow and extracting milk from cows that exclusively produce A2 milk. The extracted milk is then improved by adding organic ingredients that impart health benefits to your baby. If you are looking for A2 organic infant formula, then confidently choose Holle A2 Stage 3-Organic Follow-On Formula.

Holle A2 Stage 3– Top-Notch Health Benefits

Holle A2 Stage 3-Organic Follow-On Formula has many health benefits for your baby. Give your baby Holle A2 Stage 3-Organic Follow-On Formula today, and expect the following excellent health benefits:

  • A2 milk prevents bloating and stomach issues.
  • Vitamin D and calcium promote bone development.
  • Essential fatty acids such as DHA promote visual acuity and brain development.
  • Biotin, found in breast milk, converts fats and proteins into energy.
  • Vitamin B12 prevents anemia and iron deficiency. 
  • Vitamin B1 promotes muscle development in babies.
  • Vitamin C boosts immunity and improves the skin barrier.
  • Demeter-certified organic milk aids in healthy growth and development.
  • Helps your baby get all the essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Vitamin A improves eyesight and prevents blindness.
  • Maltodextrin satiates your baby’s hunger.
  • Makes your baby healthy and fit in no time.

Holle A2 Stage 3 – Organic Follow-On Formula – Comparison Of US Formula And European Formula

Now that you have learned about the health benefits, composition, and essence of Holle A2 Stage 3-Organic Follow-On Formula, it is vital to learn about the differences between European and American brands.

The first difference lies in the composition of the ingredients in European and American brands. European brands add limited ingredients in the formulas, whereas American brands add limitless ingredients. At the same time, it may seem that American brands are better as they contain more ingredients, but it is not true. European brands add only those ingredients that are suitable for a particular age group. They avoid adding ingredients that may impact a baby’s health, such as guar gum, soy, etc., that are harmful to newborns. Such a scenario is not seen in American brands, as they contain endless ingredients regardless of the age group. 

The second difference lies in sweeteners. The European brands add lactose as a primary carbohydrate and natural sweetener since it is found in breast milk. Also, the European Union Commission requires that infant formulas must contain at least 30% of lactose as a primary source of carbohydrates. The commission also allows other carbohydrates such as maltodextrin, glucose, glucose syrup, and maltose. Another thing to note is that sucrose can only be added to those formulas that contain hydrolyzed proteins. Sucrose should make up 20% of total carbohydrates. Furthermore, these carbohydrates must be derived from gluten-free sources. American brands, on the other hand, have no such regulation. They add sucrose and corn syrup which are not suitable for babies. 

The third difference is in the composition. European brands have divided the formulas into age groups such as Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage Pre, etc. These broken-down formulas contain age-appropriate ingredients. For example, maltodextrin is not found in Stage-Pre formulas, whereas it is found in Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3, and above. American brands have no such measures. They have a one-size-fits-all approach. The formula made for Stage 2 is the same as Stage Pre.

The fourth difference is in the fatty acid composition. European formulas must contain DHA and ARA fatty acids due to their innumerable health benefits. American brands consider these fatty acids a voluntary choice. The European brands also add prebiotics and probiotics, such as Lactobacillus found in breast milk. American brands do not add prebiotics and probiotics. 

The fifth difference is in the iron composition. European brands add a minimum of 0.2 mg of iron in formulas, whereas American brands add at least 1 mg of iron. This is not good for babies as higher iron composition leads to neurodevelopment effects later in life. Moreover, European brands also have separate goat milk formulas for babies. American brands do not have goat milk formulas. 

These were some of the visible differences between American and European brands. This shows that European brands take immense care in providing healthy and safe nutrition to babies. Now that you have learned these differences, it is time for you to choose a European formula, such as Holle A2 Stage 3-Organic Follow-On Formula, for your baby.

Holle A2 Stage 3 – Easy Preparation

The best aspect of the Holle A2 Stage 3-Organic Follow-On Formula is that it is quite easy to prepare. You will prepare the entire formula within 5 minutes. Boil drinking water in a pot. Pour the boiled water into the feeding bottle. Scoop Holle A2 Stage 3-Organic Follow-On Formula and add leveled formula into the bottle as mentioned in the instructions on the feeding chart. Shake the mixture thoroughly. Wait for the temperature to cool, and then give the milk to your baby several times a day. You must give the formula to your baby whenever they demand it. There are certain hygiene measures that you need to follow before preparing the milk. 

Always wash your hands before picking up the feeding utensils. Always use boiled water to prepare milk. You must not heat the water or prepare milk in the microwave, as the radiation from the microwave may cause hot spots on the milk. Do not touch the nipple of the feeding bottle with your bare hands, as germs may enter the milk. Always wash the feeding utensils thoroughly with water after feeding and ensure no residue is left behind. Do not prepare any milk in advance. Make a habit of preparing milk fresh before feeding the baby. If you have to prepare milk in advance, then give the milk to your baby within two hours if it is kept at room temperature. If the milk is kept in the freezer, then give it to your baby within four hours. If the milk is kept in the refrigerator, then you can give it to your baby within twenty-four hours.

Holle A2 Stage 3 – Humane Animal Treatment

Holle cares deeply about its animals, as the milk derived from them is the primary source of nutrition and energy for babies. The cows are given a 100% natural diet and are grazed on free and pesticide-free soil. They are not given any hormonal treatments or are subject to animal cruelty. The milk is extracted safely from the cows and is sent immediately to the manufacturing facility for processing. The cows are not dehorned or treated harshly. This allows the cows to produce authentic and natural A2 milk.

Holle A2 Stage 3 – About Holle

Holle is premium European baby foods and formula manufacturer. The company was founded in 1934 in Switzerland and had been striving hard to manufacture the healthiest and the best baby food. The company employs safe manufacturing and sustainable practices that make it one of the best baby food manufacturers in the world. It has been awarded Demeter certification, which is the best certification in Europe. Due to Demeter, Holle utilizes a holistic approach to taking care of animals, land, and humans alike. It has recently become CO-2-free and has put forward measures to completely eradicate its carbon footprint. 

Rating & Review: Holle A2 Stage 3 – Organic Follow-On Formula

Based on 12 Reviews
  1. Just GREAT !
    My toddler really enjoys this formula, making feeding time so much easier.

  2. Only Formula for My Toddler
    It’s the only formula my son will drink, and thankfully, it’s the best deal we’ve found.

  3. Healthy, Thriving Baby
    Our baby girl loves this formula; she’s growing up healthy and happy. Even tastes okay to me, which is a nice surprise.

  4. Just Perfect
    This formula has been fantastic for our little one, with no gas or digestion issues. Truly thankful for such a reliable product.

  5. Family Favorite
    Our family is thoroughly satisfied with the quality and fast shipping. It’s been a smooth transition and a big hit with my child.

  6. Delightful for Digestion
    Switching to this formula has been a game changer for my toddler’s digestion. It’s gentle and effective.

  7. Top-Quality Formula
    The formula is outstanding, and the shipping was remarkably fast.

  8. Highly Recommended Product
    Impressed with the quick delivery!

  9. Superior Formula Choice
    My son prefers this formula significantly over any store-bought milk, and his digestive health has noticeably improved.

  10. This has been a...
    This has been a great formula for my little one. It’s packed with nutrients and has helped with his development. The ordering process was straightforward and the formula arrived sooner than expected, which was a pleasant surprise.

  11. Sustainable and Gentle
    I’ve been using this formula for my toddler and am happy with how well she’s taken to it. It’s comforting to know I’m giving her something both healthy and environmentally conscious.

  12. Holle A2 Stage 3: Nurturing Healthy Development
    Holle A2 Stage 3 Organic Follow-On Formula has been an excellent choice for my older baby’s nutritional needs. The A2 milk protein remains gentle on my baby’s stomach, and the thoughtfully selected organic ingredients provide a well-rounded blend of essential nutrients tailored to my child’s growth and development. Since using Holle A2 Stage 3, my baby’s digestion and overall health have continued to flourish. I highly recommend this premium, easy-to-digest formula for parents seeking top-quality nutrition for their growing little ones.

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