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Holle Formula

Holle Formula in Demeter quality

Each product in the series of Holle Baby Formula was developed based on the model of natural breast milk. Only best quality Demeter certified organic milk is used for the production of Holle formula. The cows on Demeter operations keep their horns, contrary to many other operations, because they are significant for a healthy metabolism and digestion of cows. The cows are fed natural to the species and the careful processing methods in Demeter dairies are, in the light of present-day knowledge, the optimal basis for a health- promoting organic milk quality for your baby. Species appropriate keeping of the Demeter cows and their natural animal husbandry have a positive effect on the the composition of the milk, containing a lot of beta carotene, vitamin E and a high percentage of essential omega-3 and omega-6-fatty acids. The high proportion of natural herbs in the feed of Demeter farms makes the taste of Holle organic baby formula particularly full and delicious.

Holle organic baby formula – providing optimal care from the very beginning

As the first Demeter manufacturer of baby foods, Holle has always been closely linked to biodynamic agriculture. Around 80 % of the Holle baby food products carry the Demeter seal and this guarantee organic quality at the highest level.

  • Natural farming cycles which do not exploit animals, the soil or the environment
  • Animal welfare
  • Avoiding animal hormones and growth regulators
  • Natural compost instead of artificial fertilisers
  • No chemical pesticides or insecticides
  • No chemical additives during processing

Deteter Qualität

The advantages of ecological and biodynamic farming

Foods that bear the Demeter seal are cultivated in accordance with biodynamic guidelines. They are produced in harmony with nature – after all, Demeter farmers always focus on the holistic quality of their products. Through the absence of herbicides and chemical and synthetic pesticides, an average of one third more species can be found than on conventionally cultivated land. Demeter farms also stand out in terms of animal husbandry, since keeping and rearing old livestock breeds is common practice on many such farms. Demeter agriculture is unique in its consistent and holistic approach and ensures that biodynamic cultivation gives back more than it takes from nature.

Holle Formula made from cow's milk

Demeter cow milk made by Holle is made of the best quality products and has a fine taste- all of which are primarily due to the species- appropriate keeping of cattle. The cattle are raised in small groups and graze regularly on lush fields. They are exclusively fed with organic feeds with plenty hey and fodder, mostly from own farming.

Holle organic baby formula based on cow milk contains only ingredients that are beneficial for your baby. All ingredients used are strictly controlled and carefully selected and thus ensuring the best possible product safety.

Holle organic formula based on goat milk

Organic goat milk based baby formula is a good alternative for you, if you deliberately want to avoid cow milk in your baby's nutrition- maybe because your baby tolerates goat milk based formula better. Holle organic baby formula based on goat milk contain all necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients your infants needs. The milk comes from goats that are raised in bio-organic farms that fulfill the strict standards of EU organic products.

Holle-A2 organic baby formula

The new Holle A2 organic baby formula with A2 milk from biodynamic farming contains a selected blend of whey protein and casein. The A2 milk comes from selected cows living in organic farms, that exclusively produce the A-beta-casein protein.

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